1. How do I measure myself for a Pace Stick?.

In a standing position with boots on take the measurement from the floor to the belt line and round up to the nearest inch. Someone who is 6ft (183cm) is usually around a 41". (This is a guide).

 2. Which Colour Pace Stick do I require?.

Colours are mainly dictated by the Guards Regiments but the most popular colour is Rosewood. If unsure check with your Regiment or unit.

  1. Difference between Racer Pace Stick and Traditional Pace stick?.

The Racer Pace Stick comes in various sizes (36"-44") and is designed for drill. It is by far the most popular Pace Stick that we make. The Traditional Pace Stick comes in only one size (37") and is slightly more heavier and robust. This stick is mainly used for ceremonial use.

  1. Do you refurbish Pace Sticks?.

We offer a refurbish service for Dancraft Pace Sticks only. We don't however refurbish Pace Sticks which have been imported into this country and sold through other outlets. This is exclusive to Dancraft Pace Sticks only. Contact us for more details.

  1. Can you send your Pace Sticks overseas?.

We send many Pace sticks overseas and would advise that you contact us with your request and we will send you a full quote.

  1. Do you sell parts for Pace Sticks?.

We sell brass hinges and locking thumb screws. These will only fit Dancraft Pace Sticks so check with us first. We also sell carrying cases in various sizes.

  1. Are you on Social Media?.

Yes, follow us and keep up to date with information and offers from Dancraft.

Facebook: @DancraftPaceSticks    Instagram: @dancraftpacesticks10

 8. How are the Pace Sticks Posted?

All our Pace Sticks are posted by courier fully tracked and a signature is required on delivery. 

9.  What are the Pace setting measurements for?

Inches:      Significance 

12"  Distance between heels when at ease, and regulation side pace. 

21"  Distance between ranks when stood in closed order.

24"  Distance between files, also width of one 'man' when leaving a blank file.

27"  Stepping short, inside rank when wheeling.

30"  Regulation pace for quick and slow march.

33"  Stepping out, outside rank when wheeling.

40"  Regulation pace for double march.